Tulsa’s French Florist


As amazing as it would be to fly to France to hire your florist, it might not be the most practical decision…unless of course you absolutely MUST and in that case you should bring your photographer with you.

For those who prefer to stay here in North America, or perhaps even a bit more local, you are in luck because Anne-Marie Foy, owner of The French Bouquet and Petite Fleur is located right here in Tulsa.

“Born and educated in France, Anne-Marie Foy explores her European heritage through the creation of floral artistry.” I swiped that little nugget from her website because it’s far more eloquent than I could ever conjure. If you asked me to describe Anne-Marie’s work, I’d simply say, STUNNING, and you can quote me on that, caps and all.

Both The French Bouquet and Petite Fleur are full service floral design options.

The French Bouquet is the flagship brand creating wedding and events with virtually no limits on creativity. This is where you see the full range of Anne-Marie and her team’s artistic power.

Petite Fleur is targeted to smaller, more intimate affairs, perhaps even with smaller budgets. Using rustic, organic products like mason jars and simple containers, Petite Fleur uses only local flowers grown here in Oklahoma to create a garden style design.

I’ve included a little gallery of Anne-Marie’s work and I highly recommend you stop by her studio. The scent alone is well worth the trip. And while you’re there you’ll get to personally witness the passion and artistry of floral design.

While chatting, I asked a rather silly question that summed up exactly what I’ve known about Anne-Marie for years:

Q. Do you love this?

A. How can I not love what I do? I work with flowers and color and beautiful products and textures not to mention the wonderful people and venues.

Like I said, it was a silly question.

Enjoy ogling all the magnificent flowers and if you don’t have time to visit in person, make sure you check them out online The French Bouquet and Petite Fleur