The Wedding Slideshow


Whether or not you decide to have your wedding day covered with video is purely personal opinion. I have personally worked with some of the best wedding video pros in the country and they are fantastic. I’d be happy to recommend some for you.

But what about all those amazing photos? Wouldn’t it be great to see those on your 60inch mini-movie screen in the middle of your living room? Or wouldn’t you love to show off your wedding to a co-worker by flashing your tablet or phone in their direction?

Slideshows have been around forever so I’m certainly not introducing you to some new-fangled technology here. What I am doing is encouraging you to make sure your wedding photographer is prepared to use this old school tech and give you something groovy to show off on Facebook or on your favorite device.

If you’re curious what a wedding slideshow looks like, check out this channel,

Of course if you’re my bride, you’re getting one of these wedding shows. If I’m not lucky enough to be your photographer and you want your photographer to do this, just ask. If they say they don’t know how, have them call me and I’ll show ’em how.