9 Ways to Fold a Pocket Square

Guys I got your back…or in this case your front pocket. For starters, the pocket square is a decorative handkerchief. I say┬ádecorative because more often than not, it’s silk or something like that and you don’t really want to be using that for anything more than gently wiping a tear from your loved ones cheek. […]

10 Wedding Traditions REVEALED!

Love is patient, love is kind. And apparently, love requires a diamond engagement ring to seal the deal. Some of our wedding traditions help bond us to our families and to our culture — maybe we’re borrowing something old from our beloved grandmother, for instance. But be honest: Some of those traditions are straight up […]

What’s Your Wedding Style?

Finding “the right” dress is a time-honored quest of every bride-to-be. I can’t imagine that it’s an easy one (although admittedly, I’ve never shopped for a wedding dress for myself). One thing that can help even before you start is deciding what’s your wedding style. Here’s a fun infographic that will get you started to […]