Elizabeth & Hunter


April 28, 2012
Tulsa, Oklahoma

It’s not everyday that you get to be a part of a wedding experience that is so unique and so special that people talk about it for weeks and months after if happened. Well, it’s only been a few weeks but people are still talking about Elizabeth and Hunter’s wedding and I’m pretty sure that folks will be talking about this one for many months to come.

Philbrook Museum set the stage for this stunning outdoor ceremony and tent-covered reception. Talmadge Powell took it from there and created an amazing oasis of flowers and light and hand painted backdrops that turned a tent into a temple of entertainment (that might have been a bit dramatic, but let’s just say that it was pretty darn awesome!)

Thanks go all around to the Jordan and Hoehn families and all their amazing friends for such a great party atmosphere. They rocked out to the legendary Haute Chile, direct from Del Mar, California, and I had an absolute ball dancing and shooting and shooting and dancing to them all night long.

Additional and huge kudos go out to Von Films for the incredible show they created and displayed THAT NIGHT. What a treat! And props also go out to Robyn Martin and Mishelle Handy Cakes and The Silo for the terrific rehearsal dinner on Friday evening.

Congratulations Elizabeth and Hunter! That was a fantastic day and a genuine pleasure to be a part of it!

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