Oklahoma Honor Flights on Tulsa Time


I had the fantastic opportunity to accompany a group of 105 World War II vets from Tulsa to Washington DC with the Oklahoma Honor Flights. This amazing organization honors our Greatest Generation with a very special ceremony and this amazing trip to DC. If you’d like more information on how you can help, visit their site here www.OklahomaHonorFlights.org and to see a handful of the amazing images from this trip, check out the slideshow.

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I can’t stress enough how fantastic this group is! This is an all volunteer group and they create something a once in a lifetime trip for these veterans. I was honored to be a part of it and if you ever get the chance to help, jump on it!

4 thoughts on “Oklahoma Honor Flights on Tulsa Time

  1. lynn schmuhl

    Chris you did a fabulous job capturing the Honor Flight experience. Your pictures tell a story and you have a remarkable way of getting the shot without it being set up. Thanks so much for this time capsule!

  2. Doug Eaton

    This is a great representation of what the Honor Flights are all about. This will be a great tool to explain to those not familar with the Honor Flights how important the expereince is to the veterans. The music you utilized is outstanding. You did a super job.

  3. Randy Finfrock

    Hi Chris, I was seated next to you on our return flight with our veterans from D.C. to Tulsa. It was a tiring day, and I am pleased that you took the time to visit with me about your work and answer some of my questions about photography as well. Your pictorial record of the September Tulsa Honor Flight was so very well done. It summarizes the events of the whirlwind day, highlights the sights visited, provides a glimpse into the camaraderie experienced by newfound brothers, and exposes the delightful personalities that come alive as generations meet and greet one another. That is what Honor Flight is all about, and I am happy you were chosen to document it.

  4. CHPhoto

    I am just so honored to have been a part of two Oklahoma Honor Flights. Every aspect of the event was meticulously cared for, along with every guest that attended. From the even presentation to the spectacular trip to DC, I could see in the eyes of everyone that this was truly something special. Thank you to all the guardians for being so patient and caring and to Gary and his staff of amazing volunteers. You give a priceless gift with each flight and I hope to be a part future trips.

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