Carolyn & Lee


September 15, 2011
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Wow, talk about a whirlwind evening! When the guests started arriving at Holy Family for the Carolyn & Lee’s wedding, I don’t think they knew that within the next five hours, they would witness a beautiful ceremony, complete with a farewell in a classic Ford, a stunning reception at Five Oaks Lodge complete with dinner, dancing, little film from Von Films, a couple of very moving toasts, some more dancing and then sparklers to send our happy couple off into the night. What a night! We have to give kudos to Toni’s Flowers for the truly amazing flowers, Patty Cakes for the delicious cake and to Five Oaks for the fantastic locale. I personally want to thank the incredible group of friends and family who were so open to share their love with Carolyn & Lee. That was a special night for this very special couple!

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