Margaret & Brian


June 1, 2013
Tulsa, Oklahoma

I knew long before this day would come that the wedding of Margaret and Brian was going to be awesome. Now before you start asking me for this week’s lottery numbers you have to know a little bit about this couple, and for those that know these two, they knew exactly what I was talking about!

From the moment I arrived at the house, I was greeted with smiles could just feel the fun and the love from everyone. The ceremony at Holy Family was perfect. Toni’s Flowers outdid themselves with the arrangements and bouquets (I don’t think she can do anything less than amazing). The Summit Club hosted a spectacular reception and treated everyone to a party that will not soon be forgotten. Big kudos to All Things Cake for their delicious and beautiful cake. It was as tasty as it looked!

Congrats to you, Margaret and Brian! We’ve been seeing each at weddings over the years and tonight was really as perfect as I could have hoped for you two!

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