Champagne Buying Guide


Buying beverages for a wedding or event is certainly an art within itself. I’m sure there are a myriad of calculations that require an advanced degree in molecular biology to determine how much liquor you need to buy for a wedding. Being a simple guy, I prefer simple advice that doesn’t involve anything from Texas Instruments.

So, I visited my friend, Jason Hower, owner of Kwenchers Wine & Spirits in Owasso and asked him for some advice on buying champagne.

“One of the best tips I have for most wedding people is when it comes down to their champagne toast. A lot of times a bride or groom may have a sparkling wine or champagne that they really love but the price is more on the high side. They feel like they’re obligated to get that champagne for the entire group when in reality most people just want something to raise and toast. They really don’t care what’s inside the glass. So, I tell a lot of my brides and grooms to get something a little more economical for the masses and go all out for themselves.”

And there you have it, a genuine tip from genuine beverage pro!

If you’d like more outstanding advice on purchasing adult beverages, head over to Kwenchers on 86th and 129th right next door to the Neighborhood Market) and ask for Jason. Kwenchers Wine & Spirits is one of the most impressive liquor stores I have ever seen. Not only is there every brand and variation of beer, wine and spirits you can imagine, but the staff there is second to none in providing you the very best service possible. It’s actually their mission and it’s printed right there on the wall as you walk in. Tell them I sent you!

Kwenchers Wine & Spirits

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