Writing Your Best Man’s Speech – Part 1


There’s a reason why I give guys the majority of my attention on these wedding tips…we’re basically stupid when it comes to what we should do when it comes to weddings. I’ve yet to see Modern Groom on the magazine rack, so until then, I’ll do my best to help out my fellow males.

This tip is just a very tiny part of a much, much larger resource that I have for anyone interested. Just email me and I’ll send it over to you as a PDF. For now, I’ll give you a quickie on:

How To a Write a Funny and Heartfelt Speech

All best men want to write their speech from the heart but are not very good with creativity. There are a few factors that should be followed in sequence order to ensure that you give the perfect speech. These steps should be implemented in the order given-

Collect matter for the speech– These could be incidents, funny stories or habits of the grooms, along with other ideas.

Write your speech at least a week before the wedding– Completing the speech before time ensures that you would have plenty of time to take part in the wedding activities.

Rehearse the speech– This would ensure that you are able to make the speech an interactive session rather than just reading it out.

Make a final copy– A final copy of the speech with key words and notes should be kept for use. Don’t take the scribbled and scratched out copy while making the toast.

Introduce yourself– All guests may know that you are the best man, but might not know your name.

Thank those who came before you– Always thank the dad or the person who gave the speech before you. Finally thank all for attending, including the grooms and the bride’s family and parents.

Congratulate the bride and the groom– Wish the bride and groom as a couple and talk about what they are like together, etc.

Include humor– Humor can be added as required through funny stories and incidents, along with jokes and quotes.

Talk about the couple– Talk about the couple as individual persons and make sure that you say a few things about the bride too. For instance, what he is like and what the bride is like.

Comments from groom– Often the groom asks the best man to say a few things on behalf of him, for the bride. In such cases make sure that you convey these feelings correctly because this is something special for the two of them.

Finale– No speech is complete without a grand finale and hence it is vital for you to congratulate the bride and the groom here, and wish them all the best for their future.

The best man’s speech can be enjoyed by the guests only if it comes from the heart. As the best man you should plan and work on speeches in advance as they can go wrong if they are very long or use the inappropriate content. Your speech should be supportive and enthusiastic with lots of humor.

At the end of the day it is the best man who would be the center of attention of all the bridesmaids. Try and use comments from other friends, and there are things that you can say on behalf of the others, including comments that you think would make this moment worthwhile.

If you’re truly serious about making a memorable speech, you should check out the full version, of this guide. Shoot me an email at


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