Leslie & Frank


I first had the pleasure of spending time with Leslie & Frank in Colorado for their engagement session. I remember heading back to Tulsa thinking, “Wow, these two are great together!”

I really didn’t know HOW great they really were until October 25, 2015, their wedding day.

This day was incredible and I know when you see this wedding show, you’ll say the same thing I said, “WOW, these two are SO GREAT together!”

Huge thanks for Talmadge Powell Creative for the spectacular design at BOTH the ceremony and reception.

Gilcrease Museum and the band Chinatown, out of Dallas also get some love for taking such incredible care of the fantastic guests at Leslie & Frank’s wedding. This was a terrific party!

Enjoy the show!

PS, if you ever need swing dancing lessons, give these two a call. They ROCK!