Wedding Advice from a Wedding Pro


I’ve had the honor of shooting a lot of wonderful weddings (who am I kidding, they are ALL wonderful) and many times, for a variety of reasons, the wedding planning is headed up by the bride and her family rather than a professional wedding planner.

Sometimes, the day is flawless and huge kudos go out to every family and friend who helped make everything perfect.

Sometimes, things don’t go as planned and sadly, not only is this disappointing to the bride, but the disappointment is shared by everyone…and the memories of how it was “supposed to be” don’t go away quickly.

No one wants wedding plans to go astray, but it does happen. Fortunately, there are wedding professionals who can help avoid the pitfalls of planning and help create the day of your dreams and allow you to enjoy every moment of it with no effort at all.

Lasting Impressions is one of those wedding professionals that genuinely care about you and your wedding and are dedicated to making everything perfect while you get to enjoy your wedding day.

Lasting Impressions Tulsa

Lynn Wheatley understands the desires of a bride and also understands that some brides want to take on some the heavy lifting themselves. Here’s some great advice direct from her Lasting Impressions blog:

This may sound contradictory – coming from a wedding planner – but yes, there are things you can do yourself for your wedding or event.  Favors, childhood video, guest gifts for hotel rooms come to mind.

BUT there are times when you should leave the planning and setup to the pros.  Friends often ask me to recall “horror stories” or “bridezilla stories”.

MY Brides are all perfect and the weddings are gorgeous! (read that – I will never tell)   BUT I can give you some insights from other planners in the industry as to why you should call on professional help. 

 1. Friends who swear by their pinkies that they will be there to help you setup before the wedding.  TRUTH – they mean IF it doesn’t interfere with anything else they have going that day like manicures, kids soccer games, lunch with out of town friends and getting ready for the wedding.

2. We can setup the chairs and tables ourselves and save money.  TRUTH – you realize at the last minute that there’s no way you (or your family and friends) can be in two places at the same time and that the friends totally forgot.  You also totally forgot that the tables have to be in place early in the day so the caterer can set them!

3. Don’t worry about teardown, we’ll have lots of friends and relatives at the event who will help us take everything down and get it out of the venue.  TRUTH – in all likelihood you paid for a set number of hours at the venue and must be out at a time certain.  And that means OUT or you face paying additional charges, sometimes as much as $250/hour.  In that short amount of time, everything has to come off the tables, packed and loaded, flowers removed, linens inventoried and bagged, all personal items gathered and packed – like guest book, leftover cake, champagne flutes and any photos displayed.  Keep in mind that at MIDNIGHT (the typical end of most events) everyone is tired and feeling the effects of a LONG day, to say nothing of the effects of alcohol after a reception.   

So, yes, there are some things you may choose to do yourself.  Even if you are the most organized person in the world, give yourself (and your family/friends) a break and let the pros who have done it over and over again set it up and tear it down.  You’ll walk out of your event remembering all the good times and thankful you were smart enough to plan ahead.

You can reach out to Lynn Wheatley and her team of wedding pros by visiting her online at Lasting Impressions and Bride in a Box