A Social Media Guide to Your Wedding

You might not know how social media can affect your wedding day, but we’ve got you covered with our Simple Guide to Social Media Success at your wedding.

Green with Envy from Party Pro

I love showing off fantastic wedding decor, especially when it’s gets featured by one of the fantastic vendors that help make a couple’s wedding day so perfect. Morgan and Brent celebrated their wedding day in the lush green gardens of Gilcrease Museum and with the help of Erica and her team of pros at Erica […]

2017 Wedding Trends

2017 is going to be an incredible year (most likely because you’re getting married) and the pros at WeddingWire have been looking into their crystal ball to try to determine the top trends for the upcoming season. So without further ado, here it is, hot-off-the-presses, the WeddingWire 2017 Wedding Trend Guide which highlights over 100 […]

I Do…So what’s next?

Being prepared can take a lot of stress out of the big day and Oklahoma Magazine has some great tips to help to take your “I Do” to a “Woo Hoo!”

Keep your shirt on…or at least tucked in

If you’re not, and you’re frustrated with your shirt constantly coming untucked and looking like a puffy muffin-top around your midsection all night long, this tip could solve your woes.

Changes in Wedding Traditions

When we think of wedding traditions, we think usually think we usually of things that never change but, as you may expect, as times changes, sometimes traditions change too. Click below to download the PDF from WeddingWire.com Wedding-Traditions

Wedding Hairdos…and Don’ts

As a photographer, I get to witness, first hand, the transformation of a woman to a bride. As a guy, let me say that it’s impressive, especially the hair. I cannot imagine the creative possibilities that challenge the stylists. Luckily I won’t ever have to worry about such things but for those brides that do […]

The Wedding Slideshow

Slideshows have been around forever so I’m certainly not introducing you to some new-fangled technology here. What I am doing is encouraging you to make sure your wedding photographer is prepared to use this old school tech and give you something groovy to show off on Facebook or on your favorite device.